POWEReasy- Comprehensive Realtime Electrical Protection

Stop electrical fires before they occur. Existing approach of electrical safety is unsafe and inefficient Challenges with Electrical Safety

POWEReasy: “On-time” electrical safety. Use electricity with intelligence.

India’s first IoT enabled intelligent device to detect potentially fatal and hazardous electrical anomalies and is equipped with a learning algorithm to automatically optimize voltage and save energy. Our Live Dashboard, SMS Alerts and On-device monitor reports high risk electrical faults that the user must fix to avoid fire. It even isolates supply if the faults have reached critical levels. It is the only electrical unit that pays for itself. You need protection for 20 electrical faults to prevent fire. POWEReasy protects you from all 20 fire risks whereas a regular MCB and RCCB protects from only 3.

Challenges with Electrical Safety
  • Annual audits have limited fault coverage
  • Electrical faults are undiagnosed that lead to critical failures
  • Need for Realtime protection beyond MCB and RCCB
  • Need for Realtime monitoring beyond energy consumption
  • Need for reported and documented corrective plan

Central Power Research Institute, Government of India Verified 18% Electricity Savings
IoT Enabled with Live Dashboard and SMS Alerts
24/7 Monitoring and Real-Time Diagnosis - Of all critical electrical events which helps to avoid fire & catastrophic electrical events
Identify Root Cause of Electrical Fault - Covers all 20 electrical faults (India / PCT patent pending)
Eliminate Voltage Variation - World’s most compact voltage stabilizer (India patent pending)
Save Energy - Automatic voltage optimization (India and EPO patent pending)
Wall Concealed Design with 80mm Depth
Detect Fire Risks - From wires exposed by Rats/Rodents nibbles. Protection from Arcing, Harmonics,Short circuit, Earth current, Phase loss/reverse, Neutral Loss, Earth voltage and more.

Did you know?

Deaths/day due to electrical faults.
Ratio of death to injuries due to fire.
Fire can be prevented by proper maintenance.
Poor voltage will reduce equipment life by half
Go Green and Save Electricity

POWEReasy has helped save over 1 million units

Guaranteed Savings

Central Power Research Institute, Government of India verified 18% electricity savings.

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Most economical solution with inbuilt voltage optimization software for enterprise and retail customers.


Protection from Arcing, Harmonics, Short circuit, Earth current, Phase loss/reverse, Neutral Loss, Earth voltage and more

Improve your equipment life

Up to 5X improvement in equipment lifewith its comprehensive 24x7 protection.

Energy savings

Voltage regulation function with 99% efficiency, which allows for maximum energy savings.

Diagnostics and Warnings

Early diagnostics of 12 electrical fire risks and warnings for 20 unique electrical issues.

Design life and Warranty

Rugged, easy to install, has a 10-year designed life and comes with a24 months warranty.

Get rid of conventional voltage stabilizers

Built-in voltage regulator and Surge Protection which ensures a well-regulated power supply and prevents unplanned shutdowns.

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