An automobile parts major, present in 3 continents with over 60 years of experience

  • First subsidiary in India and wanted it to be a scalable network that can facilitate its growth in the country
  • High performance network to ensure that SAP and design applications are able to render faster - Passive and Active Network
  • Automated Backup of data for business continuity
  • Communication system that is hybrid with scalability to an IP environment
  • Video Conferencing as an effective business tool
  • Audio-Visual solution for training center
  • Physical Security with Time Attendance Management, Canteen Management, Contract employee management, Visitor Management
  • Wireless for mobility of the Employees and Guest users
  • Windows based compute platform
  • The primary task at hand was to understand the standards that were being adopted at the Corporate Headquarters in Europe.
  • This data was then used to ensure that there is a seamless standard that is adopted in India
  • Once the data was captured and collated, our proposed infrastructure solution was brainstormed with the stake holders till the final solution was firmed. The solution included the following:
    • A 2 Tier Network Architecture: Core - Distribution / Access
    • A Passive Network that facilitates the 2 Tier Architecture
    • A 10 Gigabit Backbone with 1 Gigabit Ethernet to Users with redundancy
    • An Enterprise level Security platform with High Availability
    • Seamless mobility across factory and office space with demarcation of Organizational users and Guest users
    • Biometric and Proximity based security and employee management solution
    • IP based Video Conference system with Multi-Party capability
    • A training center with the required AV equipment that facilitates effective training programs for their employees
    • Implementation of change management process, continuous improvement process, infrastructure management process