A Fortune 500 Company with over 100,000 employees and present in 6 continents

  • Scalable network with adequate redundancy
  • High Performance and Non Blocking Architecture
  • 10 Gigabit Backbone for connecting multiple blocks & floors
  • Best of quality installation to ensure minimum network outage, if not nil
  • Need for virtual networks based on business process / internal clients
  • Adherence to global standards
  • A network partner with presence in major cities in India
  • Our design was based on the ease of network manageability for move, add and change. Having understood that the client's networks are volatile, we wanted to ensure that such changes can be easily integrated. This would empower them to win their business.
  • Once the data was captured and collated, it was easier to put the blocks in the right places and arrive at the final solution. The solutionbig included the following:
    • A 3 Tier Network Architecture: Core - Distribution Access
    • A Passive Network that facilitates the 3 Tier Architecture
    • 10 Gigabit Backbone
    • A Telecom Center that enables effective 0 Gigabit Baunified communication
    • Build of a Data Center and Disaster Recovery Centers
    • An Enterprise level Security platform with High Availability
    • A network that can scale to meet the demands of the enterprise and is converged
    • Facilitating of change management process, continuous improvement process, infrastructure management process