One of the largest conglomerates in the country with over 60% market share

  • Migration from Legacy networks to a high performance and scalable network
  • Unified communication and collaboration for improving business efficiency
  • Highly reliable network architecture and infrastructure that facilitates business planning applications like SAP
  • Seamless integration between nation wide manufacturing facilities and corporate office
  • Wireless for user mobility and RFID based production tracking
  • Reduction in operational cost of network infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery center to ensure business continuity
  • Enhance security within the various departments within the network
  • Converged network to facilitate Data, Voice and Video communication
  • As always, our immediate task was to study the existing infrastructure, business demands and pain areas of within the user community
  • The solution included the following:
  • It was required to gradually move the users into newer platforms and such a change management had to be in a phase manner. Hence the entire project was executed in phases, starting with the corporate office and then to the larger manufacturing units to the smaller ones.
    • A 3 Tier Network Architecture at the corporate office: Core - Distribution - Access
    • A 2 Tier Network Architecture at the manufacturing units: Core - Distribution / Access
    • A Passive Network that facilitates the 3 Tier and 2 Tier Architectures
    • A Passive Network that can scale to a 10G Backbone with redundancy
    • Unified communication and collaboration system with Microsoft Integration
    • Build of a Disaster Recovery Data Center with Business Continuity Plan
    • Seamless mobility across campuses over wireless with demarcation of Organizational users and Guest users
    • Wireless as an infrastructure to facilitate RFID for production tracking
    • Implementation of infrastructure management process