We are Keinen, your technology Infrastructure Partner

We are a technology centric infrastructure solution provider. We are young and vibrant. An organization with expertise in providing innovative Technology solutions that synchronizes with the business objectives of our valued clients. We have designed, built and managed large and complex mission critical Technology infrastructures.

Our strength is in providing solutions and simplifying the complexities involved in an ever evolving technological era.

Identifying, Understanding and Building expertise are the 3 basic foundations within Keinen. This has helped us build a reputation of dependability even in the most complex infrastructure projects.

We work on a customer oriented model that delves into the business demands, markets of operation and people within before recommending our solutions.

Headquartered in the silicon valley of India, our support presence is nation wide; as we believe an organization is as good as the support service it renders.

Built on Faith
Domain Expertise
Dedicated Team
Years Experience


We are Keinen, a Team that delivers

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships"
- Michael Jordan.

The difference between winning games and winning championships is a great team. At Keinen, our team is our pride. In the midst of the diversity of the team, we find unity in every opportunity.

Built on collective faith, the results are visible in every customer that we engage with. A smile of contentment. We understand that to exceed customer expectations, we need to know and understand those expectations and deliver accordingly.

Continuous improvement in skill sets, quality of workmanship, dedication to support, healthy comradeship, the courage to accept mistakes, the determination to constantly improvise are some of the characteristics of the team.


We are Keinen, driven by a customer centered approach that earns their loyalty.

"Good Customer Service begins at the top. If your senior people don't get it,
even the strongest links further down the line can become compromised"
- Richard Branson.

Our approach is defined in the very words of Sir Richard Branson. We approach every customer, irrespective of their size or volume of business, with the same level of dedication to deliver.
We respect and honor the faith our customers place on us.

Understanding every customer's need, documenting and planning every solution before deployment, effective brain storming within the team and with the customer, are a few of the key factors in our approach. We understand that every customer's need is different, irrespective of however identical their businesses might be.



Keinen (pronounced as "KAY-nuh-n"), the name is derived from the promised land of God. A land flowing with milk and honey, a sign of prosperity. At Keinen, we strive to do the same. Create an environment that enriches the growth of the team, the stake holders and our business associates.


Triangle is the strongest and most stable geometric shape. The 3 triangles represent the 3 entities that make us who we are. The 2 blue triangles represent us and our OEMs. The green triangle represents our customer. The coming together of the 3, on the basis of "FAITH" in each other, completes the image and makes it a perfect square. If one looks carefully, you will notice the mirror image of the letter "K" in the logo. The mirror image is to remind us to introspect on a constant basis, to ensure continuous improvement in the way we conduct our business.


Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colours. It symbolizes "Growth". The faith of our customers in us to deliver is one of the pivotal elements of our growth as an organization.

Blue is second only to Green, in the space it occupies in the spectrum visible to the human eye. It represents stability, integrity, confidence, wisdom, faith. Character that we have built ourselves upon in our endeavor to becoming an integral partner in our customers ecosystem.